CarriArt ArtCase makes it easy to transport or store artwork while protecting it from damage.

Whether bringing a still wet oil painting home from holiday, moving an acrylic impasto from the studio to an exhibition, taking a charcoal drawing to the framers or storing a framed decoupage, ArtCase allows you to safeguard your artwork from dust, rain, or contact with anything which may damage its surface.

ArtCase can be used for:

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The basic idea behind ArtCase is straightforward - it’s a box (or carrier) which holds artwork. ArtCase is innovative because it:

Simple but Ingenious

ArtCase is fully re-usable. The combination of corrugated plastic and self-adhesive pads means the holders can be removed and repositioned multiple times allowing you to use ArtCase for as many trips as you like.

For example, this means that a single ArtCase can be used to:

The ArtCase carrier is made from corrugated plastic, as are the holders which come with it. The holders are fixed to the base of the carrier using self-adhesive pads. The adhesive pads are sufficiently sticky to hold a canvas or a board in place (even once framed) but can be peeled off as needed. Hence the holders can be removed and repositioned, allowing their position to be adapted to the size of the canvas or board being carried.

Sticky and yet not sticky

It’s all in the angle

Within the ArtCase carrier the holders fit around and under the canvas or board, fixing it in place. The holders project at an angle over the canvas or board, so they make negligible contact with the surface of the artwork while preventing it from moving.

Use it again ... and again ...

When it comes to moving completed artwork, ArtCase removes the need to use bubble-wrap or some other protective wrapping. By removing the need for sticky-tape and miss-sized cardboard boxes when packaging ArtCase can reduce waste and save time.

More is less




Carrying art ... damage free

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