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Below you will find a list of questions which sometimes arise about assembling and using CarriArt products. If there’s anything else you’d like to know or have clarified please get in touch via the Contact page.

For how long do the sticky pads used in ArtCase to attach the holders to the box remain sticky?

It partially depends on usage. As the pads are self-adhesive they inevitably pick up dirt and dust. Tests indicate that it should be possible to detach and re-attach the holders up to 20 times before the pads fail to hold the artwork in place. There again if you’re painting on the beach and you get sand everywhere they’re not going to stick to anything much. With this in mind each ArtCase set comes with spare sets of of the self-adhesive pads and additional sets can be obtained via the Accessories section in the Store.

Can I use a type of sticky pad with the holders other than those supplied?

The pads supplied were chosen as they stick well to the box plastic but can also be readily removed. This is important as it is one of the factors which makes CarriArt cases reusable. You are, of course, welcome to try other pads but caution is advised - there are pads out there that will stick more firmly, so firmly in fact that you’ll struggle to pry them off! For example, the foam pads frequently found in craft or stationery stores will stick to the carrier and the holders but will leave a residue when you try to remove them. (Please note that the use of inappropriate adhesive pads may impact on your warranty - see Help.)

Can I carry more than one painting in ArtCase?

Certainly. It is possible to carry two or more smaller pieces of artwork rather than one large one providing there is space to fit them alongside each other while leaving room for the holders. To do this you’ll need a set of holders for each painting (additional sets of holders are available via the Accessories section in the Store).

What sort of media can ArtCase transport?

Essentially anything which is flat and rigid. Canvas boards, canvases, framed paintings, hardboard, and so on, and up to around 40mm in depth. ArtCase can also be used to transport or store artwork on paper.

Can ArtCase carry paper-based artwork?

Yes, but care should be taken. The more rigid the paper the more suitable it is to be carried in ArtCase. Care should be taken when using ArtCase with large, thin sheets of paper as the flexibility of the paper may cause it to sag when in transit. As the holders fit around the edges of the artwork, surfaces which are prone to behave in this way may come adrift if ArtCase is carried upright or turned upside-down. If you paint or draw on paper and wish to make full use of ArtCase it may be advisable to first attach your artwork to something rigid. For example, if you are using a watercolour block and leave the painting attached to the block you should be fine.

Can the ArtCase main box and holders be recycled?

The ArtCase carrier and the holders are made from polypropylene sheeting, which if required can be recycled via domestic recycling bins.

Is ArtCase available in different sizes?

ArtCase is currently available in A2 sizes We welcome feedback and would be interested to know if you feel a larger or smaller ArtCase would be of use.

Can ArtCase be used for non-rectangular canvases or boards?

Yes. As the holders are hollow in the middle (to minimise the area in contact with the edge of the artwork) they adapt easily to carrying artwork with non-straight edges, such as oval canvas boards.

Why is overseas shipping so expensive?

Unfortunately this is beyond our control. Although light, ArtCase sets are quite large and most couriers charge by a combination of volume as well as weight. We regularly review the options available to try and keep the costs as low as possible. If you are aware of cheaper ways of shipping our products please Contact us. Please note that CarriArt does not add any surcharge to overseas delivery costs - we simply ask you to pay the cost charged to us by the courier, minus a discount corresponding to how much it costs us to deliver the product within the UK.

How do I clear unwanted items from the shopping basket?

To adjust the basket you need to be on one of the store pages. To clear unwanted items open the basket by clicking anywhere on the access area (which appears to the right of the CarriArt logo in the page header) apart from the Checkout button. (If you accidentally click on the Checkout button hit return in your browser to return to the CarriArt website.) Clear an entry by positioning the cursor in the quantity box and the deleting its content and then typing ‘0’.

Can I purchase CarriArt products without having a Paypal account?

Absolutely. Select the products you require then click on the Checkout button. By default the checkout area defaults to ‘Pay with my Paypal account’. Beneath this box there is a ‘Pay with debit or credit card’ option, select this and then enter your details.

The fasteners on the flap which wraps round the handle have come adrift - how do I fix it?

The adhesive on the hook & loop coins which hold the overlapping flap in place sometimes lose their adhesive. Typically it takes around 2 years for adhesive to fail, and it is usually the hook coin which goes. Pairs of replacement coins can be ordered via the Accessories page. These are free-of-charge when ordered with another product (eg an ArtCase set or a set of self-adhesive pads). If ordered stand-alone there is a small charge to cover postage and packing. Note that It is advisable to clean off the residue left by the old coins before fitting the new ones.

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